Changing django admin language

Hi , I am Mohammad .
I hope you are fine .
How can I translate all of the parts of django admin to persian ?
Thanks .
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Hi Mohammad.

You should set LANGUAGE_CODE in your to the persian identifier. Check which one you need here Using Language Identifiers (RFC 3066).

Also make sure to enable USE_I18N and USE_L10N also on

Hi @marcorichetta . Thank you very much for your response .
I have done that but unfortunalely When I run server and see django admin , some parts such as the name of the classes in with they variables inside that I registered them into admin are still in English .

Those settings work for internationalization and localization of Django itself.

If you need to translate your own things like model fields or templates, you’ll have to provide the translations. Make sure to check the translation documentation, it gives an overview on translating Django projects.

Specifically for your need I leave some resources:

Thank you for your response .