How to change initial language for django admin


I was wondering how to change initial Django admin language considering :

USE_I18N = False

Initial is English , for example it’s written Add+ for adding objects , instead of my preferred language.

Note : I need to turn off the translation machinery because of increasing performance according to Django documentation.


From the docs for LANGUAGE_CODE

USE_I18N must be active for this setting to have any effect.

My understanding is that “turning off the translation machinery” means everything is going to be in English. No other languages will be supported.

(And I would personally be very surprised if disabling this would make a material difference in more than 0.01% of all Django websites. That comment in the docs goes at least as far back as Django 0.95 - almost 18 years ago. Systems are a lot different now than they were then.)

Probably you are right about performance but in case translating, the thing is some texts are translated, for example actions_selection_counter is translated with USE_I18N=False but other texts as I mentioned are not. !

I think there is a way but I can not find it.