confusing about migrations

should we make one model and do migration and make another model and make migration, migrate for another model. Or i can just make many models as i want and just do migration once.

You can do a makemigrations on as many models and apps as you’d like. There’s no need to make them more discrete than that.

I made a model in there are other models also but my one model is not in data base, how can this happen?

There are about a dozen different ways this could happen, without knowing everything you’ve done, we’ve got no way to know the exact cause.

If this is a new model, is it also a new app? If it is, see the makemigrations docs regarding the migrations directory in that app.

If it’s not a new app, did you do a migrate after the makemigrations? Can you check your migration files to see if there’s an operation in them to create that table?

I might try doing a migrate on a completely different / clean database to see if the table gets created there.

While i try to do" python migrate" it gives me error because i gave the wrong value whent the terminal asked me to give the value. So i was not able to migrate.

Ok, then you can fix your migration file - find in the file where the wrong value is being assigned and replace it with an appropriate value.

how can i read migration file?

It’s just Python code within your ‘migrations’ directory. You can read / edit it like any other Python code. The Migration Files docs describe the contents and directives contained within them.

yeah, i did it thank you so much.