Django 4.0.3: "Error no such table" when i add or modify models in existing apps

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a function that seems simple to me from Django, which is adding or modifying a Model in an application.

To add a model in an already existing application with tables already migrated, I follow the following steps:
1 - I create the new class, after the others, in my file
2 - I add the line in
3 - I run a python makemigrations myApp and I can see my table in the text that appears.
4 - Then a python migrate myApp

Then I open my admin space of the project and I see that the new table is present, except that when I click on it I have an error page

OperationalError at/admin/myApp/myNewModel/
no such table: myApp_myNewModel

and also it is impossible to add anything in, it’s actually not created…

I have been searching for a long time and what works is to completely delete my database before launching a makemigrations/migrate but I would like to find a less radical solution.

I have Django 4.0.3 and the base is the default is in sqlite3.

Thank you in advance for your answers, do not hesitate if you need more information.

What output do you get from python migrate myApp?

What does python showmigrations show?

What does your new model look like?