Consensus required on PR to remove contrib.sitemaps.ping_google()

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I would appreciate if people could add some comments to the PR on removing contrib.sitemaps.ping_google().

Google have announced that the sitemaps ping API will disappear around January 2024, roughly the same time as the Django 5.0 release.

I have prepared the above PR which both deprecates and makes non-operational the code which calls this API - so calling ping_google() would do nothing except raise a warning, and the same for the ping_google management command. This is to avoid making making calls to an API endpoint which will no longer exist whilst retaining backwards compatibility.

@felixxm has suggested that perhaps making a backwards incompatible change would be more appropriate in this case and preferable to having methods and management commands which do nothing which may be confusing to end users.

I broadly agree with @felixxm but would welcome the thoughts of others before revising the PR.



+1 to removing. No point providing the illusion that Google is getting pinged.

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(As the person who originally brought the issue) I don’t have a strong opinion. Deprecate or outright remove, both are ok. I don’t know in what case we allow ourselves not to follow the deprecation guidelines.

Yeah, no point in keeping it around, so +1 to complete removal.

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I would not consider it breaking the stability of our API, as they are wrappers for a Google endpoint that will no longer exist, so it’s not our fault that they need to be removed.

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As per the consensus above, the PR has been updated to completely remove the ping_google related functionality in 5.0 as opposed to deprecating it.