Console 404 Page Not Found

I am having an console page not found error when i perform an ajax call.
Sometimes it works but most of the time it throws an error and i have to click it multiple times in order for the url to works. I don’t know what causing this but if you guys have time you may want to visit the site here:

Hover into book ticket > buy tickets > view seats. Then select a seats, when you click sometimes it will not throw an error. Then try to open the console, check the url that is not working and open it, refresh it multiple times and it will work.

I think it would be difficult to try and diagnose this without a lot more detailed information about the environment.

At a minimum, I’d probably start with chasing down the information you’ve presented regarding the cookie message at

Beyond that, I’d look at what the network tab is showing as being the contents of the data and cookies being sent back and forth.

If this is your production environment, I’d also possibly compare the behavior with your development environment to see if there are any differences - assuming you’re not seeing the errors in your development environment.

(Note, I tried going to the link, but I hit a point where I needed to register for an account.)


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I already set the samesite cookie as ‘None’, and comparing it with my development environment; there is no error found and it runs perfectly.


Problem Solved. I modified the urls and configure the samesite as well. Thank you!