crashing my head to django.utils.importlib, pls help

Hi i am trying to install djangotoolbox(EmbeddedModelField,ListField) to use it with mongodbengine by this tutorial:
when i install pip install git+
ive got Successfully installed Django-1.5.11 and it doesnt know makemigration
when i update django its says
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘django.utils.importlib’
somebody please link to tutorial with django<>mongo object please?
so i can read embeding etc.

Thank you

Please advise

DjangoToolbox and Django 1.5 are seriously obsolete. There are no circumstances in which I would recommend using them.

When I’m looking for a Django package for a specific purpose, I almost always start with looking at If you go to that site and search for MongoDB, it’ll get you to this page: Django Packages : MongoDB

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