Create a booking system for a small Company

Hey guys,

i want to build a booking system for our small Company. It should be possible to create a new location and each location should have an own site, which should be generated automatically witch the Location ID. Each Location should have employees and a location admin, who should be able to generate new events. Each event should have their own location admin, who can create an events.
All events will take place with every employee and the customers should be able to book it. A booking need to be approved by the Employee.

Can you suggest how much time it would take to create something like that? Frontend does not need to look special, so bootstrap or a small Frontend framework should work fine.

Thanks for your support

Anywhere between 1 week and 2 years.

Unfortunately, while you might think that you’re providing enough information for someone to answer your question, in reality, you’ve just started a conversation. There would be hundreds of questions needing to be answered before anything resembling a reasonable estimate could be provided.

Really, it depends upon a lot of factors that go well beyond just the technical requirements. You also need to factor in the size and experience of the development team, and the number of hours that each can be reasonably be expected to work on this over any period of time.

The basic pattern you identify is fairly standard, but as they say “the devil is in the details.”

Hello Ken,

thank you for your answer, do you know if there are any template Django Projects for that kind of Solutions? :slight_smile:

Can’t say that I do - but this isn’t an area I’m involved with.

You might check out to see if there are any packages listed there that might give you some ideas.