Create an Installation Page via Web Django

I want to create an installation page via web such as WordPress where you insert info like DB, company name, Authentication etc…
Is there anything built in or any existing app/repo, that make it possible to do it in Django?
Or can you kindly tell me any docs/module/references that I can study to achieve it?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Is it “possible”? Probably.

But is it practical? Not likely.

See some of the other posts around here discussing the intricacies of a production quality deployment, and you’ll come to realize that you’ll need to install an installation app to allow it do the work required for a full deployment.

Could deployment be made easier? Sure, but doing it right is generally going to require something more like Ansible or Salt to make changes at the operating system level.

Hello KenWhitesell,
Thanks a lot for your reply.
I’ve thought something like
A “pre app” which then modify settings dynamically (some sort of monkey patching)
But I didn’t like the idea so much.
Any suggestions on best practices on this ?
Thanks and Best Regards

Again - I don’t think it’s practical in any real sense of the word.

If I were to need to try to do something like this, I’d be creating an Ansible Playbook - and if necessary, a client-native app in front of it to allow for customization. (I’d prefer Ansible because it doesn’t require an agent to be running on the target system - YMMV. If you’re already using something like Salt, I’d stick with that.)

But there is absolutely no way that I’d try to do this from a web app in the target system.

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