Hello everyone.
I have been building stuff with Django for a few years now. I am to a point where I would like to start helping out a few small businesses that I believe would benefit from the use of web applications.

I have a few hold ups that I would like some advice on. Most of my work has been done in house on our servers and keeping the apps on our local network. This works fine with our setup. However these smaller business do not have the luxury of owning their own server room. So I would like to just host the sites in the cloud.

My hold up is having these websites out on the internet when they are only supposed to be used by the very few people in the company. These sites would be a place where they could track inventory, contacts, messages and other things.

I would just like to know how some of you all have accomplished this. Is there a good standard to go by? I have some ideas on how I can do this with a VPN, but If there is a better way I would love to hear it.

I know there are lots of people on here with tons of experience.


If you don’t have the knowledge and experience to secure servers in the wild world of the internet, I suggest you hire someone to either train you or do the work for you. This might mean that you go with a managed provider to deploy with, or a firm that can manage your sever(s) for you. Or, you hire the staff to do the work.

Properly maintaining an internet-facing device is a consistent effort, it is not something you can set up and forget about, and covers a broad range of topics - much more than what can be suitably covered in a forum post.

Thanks for the response I will look into that