Create microservices in django?

I want to know if we can create microservices in django and how to do it, can we find any refrence what are the technologies involved in it?

Of course you can make microservices with Django…
I would say more- Thano’s Ring is nothing when comparing to power of Dev’s Keyboard. You have got infinity power and you can make everything.
You can even load Django and run it inside Postgres. Ba, you can even load compiled microservices build with Django to table in Postgres and run them and use the same DB also for savuing data, run background task and everything else…
But there is also some forgotten rules “Learn basics step by step” and “Think and design before doing”

You have lackj of knowledge in 2 fields:

  1. You don’t understand basics of infrastructure and components- you shold learn hpw systems are designed and learn basics how communication between components can be reakized, There are also problem with Databases- you should design it right. How do ytou want to scale it?
  2. You don’t know about Django enough, you should learn from source, documentation contains only simplest things and there is described less then 50% framework’s power.
    The worst are tutorials on youtube or anywheer else- you don’t learn thinking which is real value and most of them are wrtong because they rewriting again and again with more mistakes.
    In source you wil find answers to everything what you can do right way. On the beginning plevel I suggest to use Django in “Fast-Prototyping mode” and make simplest thinkgs learning docs later source and have fun klearning next components. Then is time to learn Django using its powers and builf some webapps with all feartures that you learned. Django whould have const
    complexity in basic usage. It’s like paths between external components and servioces. And when you are fluent with it, it’s start to use django in custom ways.

Microservices could be run in containers each one as simple version with API gateway. We will have 1 instance of each service this time. We are makinng projhect but with multiple files for each app and then we are make containers with diffrent settings to make other service in each containers. Thern we must redirect properly requests using API gateway or some nginx.But you can also use MQ to communicate services or use events to communicate them. But there is also DB problem. Every microservice should have own DB, but what if we need data fdrom other service? That is problem of dependencies of servces… think the best option is CQRS and after saving to one microservice database and uopdate views as unmanaged nodels in read databaseses… You can also use some disturbed databases

You need to know wel what you want to do and design. I’m just collecting articles for blog with oldschool deep dive into Djagno, If you want we can make call and I will help hyou and teach (I like teach people) and I will check if I can explain everything and I will write about this case and solution as article, what about?
I love oldschool forums and there I want to build some reputation :smiley:

For Admins: Sorry for not using formatting, I will make this text nice in 2 days

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Thankyou yes give me contact i want to connect with u please give response u can also use

Yes, you can create microservices using Django.
Although Django is traditionally used for building monolithic applications,
it can be adapted to fit a microservices architecture.

Technologies Involved
Django: Web framework for building services.
Django REST Framework: Toolkit for building Web APIs.
Docker: Containerization platform.
Kubernetes: Container orchestration platform (optional, for large-scale deployments).
RabbitMQ/Kafka: Message brokers for asynchronous communication.
OAuth/JWT: Authentication mechanisms.
Prometheus/Grafana: Monitoring and alerting tools.
ELK Stack: Logging and log management.

Thanks Sir, can u give me some reference for create django ms any docs link.

have u created ? So provide me resources.



I followed this docs for learning purpose