Mobile App creating possibilities

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I am a newbie and I want to know about mobile app creation with django possibility.I have researched on internet a lot however did not get clear answer.i have few questions.I will be happy if anyone can help me.

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Can we create mobile app using flutter or react with Django backend.I have read you can create API and link with flutter fronted…and can share data…so I want to know is it enough for a mobile data app backend or do we need to use any other technology as well.I am not sure about complete server role.
Which type of App can we create .Can you share any name of current apps which can be made with django backend?
I am interested in backend (website and mobile app both) so what’s the criteria of choosing between django or node or any other framework/language?
I haven heard django is easier to learn and then fast in creating apps/website?is it right?
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Django runs on the server - it receives requests and returns responses.

What the software does on the requesting side is up to that software - Django has no control over that.

What that means is that:

  • Yes, you can create a mobile app that communicates with a Django server.
  • Yes, you can create a Django application that serves react (or some other JavaScript framework) to a mobile browser.
  • Yes, Django can be coded to return HTML, XML, or JSON responses to requests. (Actually, it can pretty much return anything. Whether the client knows what to do with it is a different issue…)

<opinion> The choice between framework ABC and XYZ frequently depends upon considerations outside the technical merits of either ABC or XYZ. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, including the knowledge and experience of the people working on the project along with other environmental considerations. It’s rarely an issue of choosing A vs B because A is “better” than B based on some criteria. You’ll want to examine the entire environment in which your project is going to be developed.</opinion>

Some more of my opinions on this topic are discussed here: Should I use Django?, and here: Should I use Django for my project?.

Thank you for your reply, Ken… appreciate it