Date Range POST startdate-enddate

Trying to add DateRange to job list but cant get POST to work.
Yen I know IDK what I’m doing :slight_smile:
Getting Method Not Allowed (POST): /manager/
Added *args, **kwargs as one of the post suggested but same result
Dont know if need to be changed and how.

class DateRangeJobListJson(BaseDatatableView):

def ShowDateRange(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
    if request.HttpRequest.method == 'POST':
        start_date = datetime.datetime(fromdate)
        end_date = datetime.datetime(todate)

model = Job
today =
columns = ['user', 'work_order', 'customer_name',
           'address', 'job_type', 'tbc', 'created_at', 'updated_at', 'calculate_total']
order_columns = ['user', 'work_order', 'customer_name',
                 'address', 'job_type', 'tbc', 'created_at', 'updated_at', 'calculate_total']
max_display_length = 5000

def render_column(self, row, column):
    settings_time_zone = timezone(settings.TIME_ZONE)
    if column == "calculate_total" and row.calculate_total:
        return escape("$" + format(row.calculate_total(), '.2f'))
    if column == "tbc" and row.tbc():
        return escape(row.tbc())
    if column == "get_tech_name" and row.get_tech_name():
        return escape(row.get_tech_name().first_name + " " + row.get_tech_name().last_name)
    if column == "created_at" and row.created_at:
        return escape(row.created_at.strftime("%m-%d-%Y %H:%M:%S"))
    if column == "updated_at" and row.updated_at:
        return escape(row.updated_at.strftime("%m-%d-%Y %H:%M:%S"))
        return super(DateRangeJobListJson, self).render_column(row, column)

def get_initial_queryset(self):
    today =
    start_date = datetime.datetime(
        today.year, today.month,, 0, 0, 0, 0)
    end_date = datetime.datetime(
        today.year, today.month,, 23, 59, 59, 99)
    # "2021-01-16 00:00:00", "2021-01-31 23:59:59"])start_date, end_date])#
    # "2021-01-01 00:00:00", "2021-01-15 23:59:59"])
    return self.model.objects.filter(created_at__range=[start_date, end_date])
def paging(self, qs):
    return qs

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POST was a bad choice, this page doesn’t use server side processing,
Need GET startdate and enddate
Trying to implement that, will update you is doesn’t work

Got it working now using GET and ajax

class HomePageView(TemplateView):
template_name = 'manager/test.html'

def dispatch(self, *args, **kwargs):
    return super(HomePageView, self).dispatch(*args, **kwargs)

def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
    today =
    startdate = datetime.datetime(today.year, today.month,, 0, 0, 0, 0)
    enddate = datetime.datetime(today.year, today.month,, 23, 59, 59, 99)
    context = super().get_context_data(**kwargs)

    start_date = self.request.GET.get('startdate')
    end_date = self.request.GET.get('enddate')
    if start_date and end_date is not None:
        context["startdate"] = start_date
        context["enddate"] = end_date
        context["startdate"] = startdate.strftime('%Y') + '-' \
            + startdate.strftime('%m') + '-' + startdate.strftime('%d')
        context["enddate"] = enddate.strftime('%Y') + '-' \
            + enddate.strftime('%m') + '-' + enddate.strftime('%d')

    return context


<form id="date_range" action="/manager"  method="GET" class="d-flex justify-content-center">
<p><label for="Start date:"</label>
<input type="date" id="startdate" name="startdate">
<input type="date" id="enddate" name="enddate">
<input class="btn btn-dark" type="submit">