Deployment of Django app in IIS

Hi all,

I have created a small application and tried to deploy the application in IIS.

I am getting the following error - kindly help me.

I have

installed python via Anaconda - when I access it displays the error attached.

I have installed installed wfastcgi and wfastcgi-enable and took that location to create a mapping.

running the wfastcgi has also modified the web.config.

All seems to be fine for me but is there any minute nuances which I might need to check. Kindly let me know - appreciate your help.


hello! They were able to solve it, I need help!

The main reason for the error was that python was a different location and other required applications were in different location.

if incase you have installed in other locations, first do an pip uninstall as follows
C:/ :pip uninstall django==4.0.2
C:/ :pip uninstall mssql-django, etc…

Use C:\Python> for installating Python and then use the same location for other pip installation:
C:\Python> pip install django==4.0.2
C:\Python> pip install msql-django
C:\Python> pip install wfastcgi, etc…

Hope this helps.