Recent guide to deploy on Windows

Hi everyone,

I developped a Web app on Django of course and I’ve been requested to deploy it on a Windows server, which is awful.
I’m in Python 3.10.2 with django 4.

I followed many guides about apache + mod_wsgi (btw installing mod_wsgi was a pain and I had to download a wheel file to do it) or about IIS + fast cgi and none of theme worked.

Does anyone has a recent guide to do this ?

It would save me really

Thank you

Hi jbmauperin,

I struggled on this topic too and found this page: Deploy Django on IIS. I needed to combine advice from quite a… | by Jonny Fuller | Medium
Scrolling down a bit will lead you to the topic: “Configure IIS WFast CGI”. I followed the steps and finally was able to deploy it on IIS (using python 3.8 and django 4).

Best regards,

Hi Toms,

Thank you. Eventually, I managed to deploy my application with mod_wsgi on apache24 on a windows server.
Now I’m facing apache eating a big chunk of memory after some hours. But this is another issue…
Thanks again