DJ Checkup - security checks for your Django site

Hi all - I’ve just released an app you can use to scan your Django site for common security errors. The core security checking logic is lifted from the now defunct PonyCheckUp site but I have rewritten it for the latest Python and Django versions. I’ve named my version of the app: “DJ Checkup” -

The initial release is an MVP that brings back the scanning functionality of the original site, but I’m currently working on v2 which is a complete rewrite that enables new checks to be added easily. I’ve got lots of ideas about how this can be improved and would be keen to hear from others too.

Hope this is useful for everyone and will be keen to hear feedback either here or you can get me via email - Source code for the current website is on GitHub although I’m working on the v2 code which should be ready to share in a few weeks time.



Interesting to see PonyCheckUp replacement.

Can you list things that it does remotely? and any checks to run locally which could not be checked remotely?