Django 4.2 difference with Channels

Hi, I wonder if someone can help me understand where things currently are in terms of features in current Django 4.2 and current Channels 4.0 GitHub - django/channels: Developer-friendly asynchrony for Django,

What features are in Channels that are not in Django ?
What sort of tasks would be better handled using Channels ?


It’s not an “either / or” situation. Channels is an add-on to Django. You still (generally) need Django when you’re using Channels.

It’s all covered in the Channels docs at Django Channels — Channels 4.0.0 documentation

Very briefly and summarily:

  • Websocket support, including integration with Django authentication
  • The Channel layer for IPC, including communications between sockets and group support
  • Direct support for external worker processes

(There may be more, but these are what I rely upon and are why I use Channels with some of my Django apps.)

See the previous list. You don’t use Channels instead of Django, you use Channels with Django.

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