Django channels with views

I have a django proyect that works with views and django-rest-framework and now i want to add channels to it. My question is there is a way of doing this? I have to rewrite my proyect to use asgi?. I found that channels_redis could do the thrick but I’m not sure

You need to be more specific about what you’re trying to do here. What is your ultimate objective? (You typically don’t issue http requests through websockets - there’s no need to do that and it doesn’t provide you with any benefits.)

I want that my proyect could support both HTTP and WebSocket connections. So I can mantain my views and use channels for specific function of the proyect

Yes, that is supported. The Django Channels tutorial shows how that is done.

This one Tutorial — Channels 4.0.0 documentation?

Yes, that’s the one.

Thank you very much I will take a look to it!