Django 4.2 LTS compatibility with Python 3.12?

Does anyone know if the current 4.2.6 release will work on Python 3.12?

Will 4.2.7 officially add support for Python 3.12?

Django lists the supported versions at the top of the feature version release notes pages. 4.2’s currently says:

Django 4.2 supports Python 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.

When a patch version supports 3.12, it will be added there.

Here’s the Python 3.12 ticket: #34118 (Python 3.12 compatibility) – Django . I see a lot of changes have been merged to the 4.2.x branch but not official support yet. It looks like the open PR is waiting for some aiohttp to be released: Refs #34118 -- Used Python 3.12 for GitHub actions. by felixxm · Pull Request #17331 · django/django · GitHub .

Django 4.2.7 will officially support Python 3.12, if we will be able to properly test it with Python 3.12 before the release date (November, 1st).