Django Admin changes

So, just a simple question. Along with “Group” and “Users” can we add any other field to “AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION”? If yes, then how?

The “Authentication and Authorization” section is for the django.contrib.auth app. You likely won’t be able to add to that group. However, you can move Groups and Users into a different section by using unregister on those models, then registering them in the app you’d like. However, if they aren’t bothering you or your team then I’d abide by less code is better than more code.

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Actually you can, in a couple of different ways - but nothing that I would ever recommend in practice…

File that in the category of “something you can do, but you really don’t want to”.

(For example, you could override the admin template, app_list.html in django.contrib.admin.templates.admin, in your application to combine two different apps under one header.)

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