title appears twice in the admin menu

Hello everyone,
my Django app uses the customer-user model. Now I have two menus in the Django admin, both called ‘AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION’. Would it be possible to merge these two menus? Thanks, Felix
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So to be clear - you have two apps involved here. One app contains your custom user model. The other is the system-provided auth app where you’re using the Group model.

Is this correct?

yes, this is correct.

The short and direct answer is that you don’t - at least not easily.

By design, the Django admin is an internal tool designed to reflect the physical structure of your database.

Having said that, you can kind-of fool the admin.

  • Ensure that django.contrib.auth appears before your app in the INSTALLED_APPS list.
  • Create a proxy model for Group in your app.
  • Unregister the auth.Group model in your admin.py file.*
  • Register your proxy model in the admin

*Note: This is why django.contrib.auth needs to be before your app in INSTALLED_APPS. If it’s not, then the Group model will not be registered at the time you’re trying to deregister it.

*Note 2: If you’re intending to override any auth templates, this isn’t going to work, because that requires your app to be before the auth app in INSTALLED_APPS.

— Option 2 —

You may be able to create a custom AdminSite object, overriding the each_context and get_app_list methods to tailor the listing display as you see fit. (I’ve never tried anything like this, so this really is just a guess on my part.)

Thanks for the explanations. I’ll let that go in this case. This is too complicated for me for the benefit that arises.