Django admin interface not changing upon making changes in the theme

I maintain a local copy of my website on my pc. First before making any changes to original website on apache2 server, I make changes in local copy on local host to see if the changes are applied as intended or not. Currently I tried customizing django-admin-interface using this same package and then installing admin_interface and colorfield apps in the theme section started to appear and when I customized the theme on my local website, all changes were made successfully. But when i tried same process on production server copy of website, upon changing and saving the theme, the theme isnt changing even a bit. Even without changing anything in theme after installing these 2 apps, my admin interface turned green instead of light turquise kind of color in local version. But even that change didnt occured on apache2 version of website. the theme section started appearing but still same light turquise theme unlike locally run version of same web app. Please Help. All debugging methods failed which i got from ChatGPT.