Django_admin_log not getting created and migrate error ora-00955

I have been trying to do below steps and all the migrations except my custom apps are getting failed with ORA-00955 error saying name is already used by an existing object. When i search in oracle dba_tables i don’t find DJANGO_ADMIN_LOG table

i have executed below steps which is failing:

python makemigrations
python migrate admin
django.db.utils.databaseerror ora-00955 name is already used by an existing object

while i am able to perform

python migrate myapp

same happening for other objects like auth and session.

Any help is appreciated??

In general, this is telling you that you’re trying to create an entity that already exists. Is this a new database that you’re using for this application, or are you reusing an existing database, or one that was used in a previous project?

If you know there’s no data that you need to retain, it’s probably easiest to just drop the database (or schema) and recreate it - or delete all the tables within it.

Hi Ken, this is the new database and tables are not existing.
I have now dropped the tables and recreated the whole new project post that i am able to create execute makemigrations. Don’t know what had happened.
I think it resolved now.