Django admin page not showing contents in `admin_app_description.html`

I’m working on upgrading an existing Django project, the source code includes files like application/templates/auth/admin_app_description.html, etc. The contents of these files will show up on Django’s admin page as descriptions beside the item, like the screenshot below captured on the old framework of Python 2 + Django 1.11.


However, after upgrading to Python 3 + Django 3, the admin page no longer shows the introductions although the admin_app_description.html files still exist in repository.

I searched and found Django source code mentioning admin_app_description.html; but no other document.

I hope to show the contents, and any hints will be highly appreciated.


Just to note, this is not Django source code, it’s a library that let’s you customize the admin.
Also, if you look at the Readme it says support up to Django 1.8. The latest release was in 2015.

You can ask to the mantainer to make a new release that supports a newer Django version.

Personally I tried Django Jazzmin last year.

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Thank you for your reply, @marcorichetta . For long term, I will replace library django-admin-bootstrapped. By the way, do you know have any link to an article about replacing old Python libraries in end-of-life? I hope to know the common practice, and is there any automation tool to check compatibility, like modernize and futurize, etc.

For short term, I used a workaround to patch the django-admin-bootstrapped in this line:

        #text = render_to_string(template, context)
        text = render_to_string(template)

An online resource says in older Django versions, the render_to_string method takes a dictionary parameter of Context, and this feature has been deprecated since v1.10. So I removed the parameter from function call.

Thank you for your help.

Glad to know you could “solve” it!

I don’t really know about replacing EOL Python libs.
Here’s some wisdom from Ken and Jeff on how to migrate an old Django project, considering 3rd party libs, etc.