Django and AWS Lightsail

I am investigating using AWS Lightsail to host one of my Django Apps. This is my side hustle that I hope will one day be my main source of income.

My main reasons are that it provides hosting in Sydney.

I have asked a plethora of questions of AWS and am satisfied it can do what I need to do.

Is there anything else I should know? Specifically, are there any “gotchas” for hosting Django on Lightsail?

I wouldn’t think so! I’d recommend using their hosted database solution to remove the nuisance of running a database and building your own backup solution.

Thanks Adam!

Yes I think I need an instance for my code then a DB instance.

I can then set up daily snapshots of each instance which should be good enough for backups in case of dramas.

Looks like I can get a decent solution for $25USD a month (which is the lightsail instance and a load balancer) which is pretty good.