Django API ✌🏻

Hey developers hope you all doing well I’m still in my journey of learning so I see everywhere build api with the Django REST-framework and JWT

my question is can we build api’s for a Mobile with native Django code without using third-party framework and what about the authentication

To answer your question, you can. For anything substantial you’re going to end up writing the same code that DRF provides, but that’s a decision for you to make.

Side note: I fail to see the value in trying to avoid third-party packages. Many parts of Django that you are going to want to use are also third-party packages. Everything you install from is a third-party package. There’s even a perspective that Django itself can be considered a third-party package relative to using Python as your development language.

Hi ken thank you for your answer yeah rest framework made it easy and its amazing
im not trying to avoid but I just want to ask because I’v seen no one talk about how to build pure django api and I got the answer here thanks again :v: