Django App server + Celery Server Deployment on Amazon AWS linux Machine

I have a Django application. I am using Celery for automatation ruuning task and Both the application and celery workers run on the locally on my on machine

Now I am able to move my Django server on AWS but not able to run celery sever on AWS Linux machine

In the local machine Whenever I want to run my task I run the following command to run my task as you can see in the image


I want to run celery server continuous and automatically run on an AWS Linux machine
please guide me I am new in deployment.

How are you running Django on that system? Are you using uwsgi or gunicorn? If so, how are you running them?

Basically, I’d suggest using the same mechanism for your celery worker as well - it makes it less confusing that way.

A team member who deployed a Django server on AWS Linux used gunicorn and he write nohup.out file and I am not able to open this file due to a permission error. Please give me Any blog or link that helps me with how to deploy celery on AWS Linux

Celery is no different than any other process you want to run persistently on a Linux system. That’s why I suggested you look at how gunicorn is being run.

You can use any of init.d files, systemctl service files, supervisord, runit, etc, etc, etc to start and run your process.

There’s nothing special about celery, it’s just another task running on the server.

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