django big file upload


I am having a problem uploading large videos (around 150mb or more) as admin since django don’t allow more than 30 seconds to upload file.

Is there a way to have an image filed that i can enter it’s location manually?

Note: That’s not a Django limit. That’s a limit either of your web server (e.g. apache, nginx, lightspeed, etc) or your application container (e.g. uwsgi, gunicorn).

Yes, you’ve got a couple different ways of handling this.

You can either copy the files into your media directory and create your own form and view to allow you to identify that file. Or you could write a script to process the file as if it were actually being uploaded and run it as a custom management command.

I know a couple people here have talked about this sort of thing in the past. If you search through the old messages, you may find some examples / ideas.

You might start with Programatically upload file to a Model