large file upload with heroku using django

I have e-commerce site that I sell products, mostly videos. As admin I will add the videos as products. some videos almost 100MB and since it is large files, it won’t upload. I am using linode storage online and in my model i have the videos uploaded directly to linode through heroku which has timeout of 30 seconds. How can i deal with that? I can manually upload the videos to linode but then how can i use them in my site, i will need to have the path in the db as image?

You’ve got a couple different options.

If you want to upload them directly, you can then write a script to inventory them and add each file to a FileField object. (See the examples at Managing files | Django documentation | Django)

If you want to provide a facility to upload them through your site, you’re going to want to “chunk” those files using JavaScript, send the individual chunks, and then reassemble them on the server. See File API. Also see django-chunk-upload · PyPI and django-chunk-upload-handlers · PyPI for ideas of implementations or possible use.

Thanks…I am still learning django so would be great if you have a link of working toturials regarding this.

Sorry, I don’t have any resources along those lines.

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I will try to start up with this and as i go along i will post any concern or errors on the way…thanks.