Django Cache

In Which Format Does Django Stores The Cache?

Which cache? There are at least three different caches I can think of.

i am asking about cache format, in which format does django stores cache(it doesnt matter wether it is file based or based on database cache)

You’re right, for the most part, where the data is being stored doesn’t matter. (There are exceptions.) What matters is what’s being stored in the cache.
Each module storing data in the cache defines what the format is of the data being stored - the cache subsystem doesn’t care.

i dint got you, do you have any idea in which format does django stores cache, i can see there is extention .django cache in my project but i dont know which format is this(does it stores in base64 format)?

It’s not the cache framework that determines this. The cache framework will store whatever it’s given.

Every module that uses the cache makes that determination for itself.

You need to know which module is storing data in the cache to find out how it is stored.

i am just playing with django cache backend and in file there is pickle module and base64 module are being used for caching i still dont know exactly in which formats does django stores the cache

Again, to a great degree, that’s going to depend upon the specific backend.

Looking at, find the insert and update statements to see where the data is being stored, then follow it backward to see how it’s prepping the data for those SQL statements.