Django Channels chat modal

I followed Django channels ( tutorial for a chat app. works fine for me with its basics, but i looked around a lot to be able to open this chat as a popup window within another webpage of my project. Haven’t found anything to help me with that.
Or on a general note, how to open a URL as a popup within another URL.
to explain further, i want that when my user is reading a certain page he can be chatting with another user within a small popup on that page.
Appreciate any guidance or where to find a tutorial on that

Open this in a popup:
{{ userlist.username }}\ Chat


I m not sure if you are looking for theese. Here is an example of a pop chat in html, css and js.
here. Then adding some js your would be able to implemet your backend

Everything you describe would be done via JavaScript in the browser. This isn’t a Django issue, so you might find more explicit help or tutorials in a JavaScript-oriented forum. (For example, it would make a big difference if you were using a JavaScript framework such as Vue, React, or Angular, or even if you were just using jQuery instead of raw JavaScript.)

thank you for the help.
That would apply in general to any case where i want a URL in django to open as a popup within another window (URL)?

Thank you for your input. i tried those but the issue is that when i click on the send button within the chatbox, it takes me to a new window with the designated url chat.

I know you usually don’t, but appreciate if anything at hand to recommend following on jquery.

I “usually don’t”, more because I can’t - I don’t have any specific jQuery resources that I read or follow outside the docs themselves. (Our needs for JS work are extremely limited.)

To answer your other question, yes - anything beyond the basic rendering of an HTML page requires some degree of JS. Once the browser has received the page, Django is no longer involved.

For example, for the idea of a “local window”, I’d be looking at the jQuery UI dialog widget. From there, if I needed anything further, I’d just be googling around until I found something that looked like it fit.

always helpful…
Thank you very much