Integration of an map in Django

Hello everyone,

I’m new to django, I’ve only done a few tutorials and now I need help with my first real project.

I want to create a website with a chat window where you can chat with a chatbot and a world map where you can select countries and the chatbot will give you information about those countries.

I have already created such a map using pyecharts and pandas, but have no idea how to integrate it into a dajngoproject.

Thanks for the help

Couple thoughts on this - keeping in mind the fundamental differences between working in a desktop environment and a web applications running with a browser.

Django views work by receiving a request and generating a response. So turning an application from a desktop app to a browser app implies writing Django views to take your desktop-based code and modifying it such that the input comes from the browser and the output is HTML being sent back out. (Or, HTML fragments or JSON, if the requests are coming in from a JavaScript AJAX call.)

Something like a chatbot typically requires some JavaScript in the browser - and if data is going to be pushed from the server, using something like Channels or a long-polling client in the browser.

I want to use Chatterbot for the chatbot, but I have real problems to integrate everything