Django characters and its meaning and working.

I want to a total special character we can use in django and the meaning and working. Lets for example we access the variable in html page and we take a some function for that e.g {% for var=myvar | length %} so here is special character is |. so I want to know abouts all the special character and its meaning,.

I’m sorry, I’m not understanding what you’re trying to ask here, or what the information is that you’re looking for.

If you’re specifically asking about the vertical bar - ‘|’, it’s used in a couple different places - it doesn’t just have one meaning.

I understand English is probably not your native language - it may be helpful if you wrote out your question in full in your native language, and then used google translate to create the translation for you.

Like Ken, I am not 100% certain I understand your question. However, it is possible you want a reference of “syntax” for Django templates. If true, this might help: The Django template language | Django documentation | Django

This was helpful. Thank You.