Django CMS "Publish page changes" - NodeAlreadySaved


I have a fresh install of Django CMS on Ubuntu 18.04, and each time when I’m trying to click on "Publish page changes’ button, it responds with an error “treebeard.exceptions.NodeAlreadySaved: Attempted to add a tree node that is already in the database”. Nothing has been changed on top of the default installation. What can it be?

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I’ve found the reason. The latest version of django-treebeard (4.5.1) doesn’t work. Downgrading to django-treebeard==4.4 solved it.



Thank You so much, this is helping me

How do I do that? I’m new in django

I already done and it works. Great!

you can change it in the requirements.txt file and run
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Thank you for documenting your solution. How did you find out how to fix it?

By chance I had a working installation nearby and was able to compare them.

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Excellent, thank you
django-treebeard==4.4 solved it

By the way please check out the latest instructions at on how to get a django CMS project started (see the “get started” section).

Also check out the step by step instruction here: 5 step django CMS tutorial for new developers - Blog - django CMS

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