New to Django

Hi all,
New to Django, I’m a little bit puzzled!
I try to follow the tutorial (building a poll), but it’s really different from what I know from CMS (Wordpress and Joomla) or pure HTML/CSS.

For instance, I did not (yet!) found how to have a page or a menu, which is relatively easy to do with a.m. means.

Could you recommend some tutorials? The official ones are perfect, but some more information would be welcomed.

Welcome to Django!

You are correct, Django is not a CMS. Django is closer to being a tool which you would use to build a CMS. This puts it into the category of something a developer would use more than a person wanting to just publish content on the internet.

You didn’t say how far you’ve gotten into the tutorial, but some of your questions will be answered as you continue.

Once you’ve completed the basic Django tutorial, there’s also the Django Girls tutorial that I frequently recommend. It provides a different perspective on using Django. That might fill in some blanks for you.

Beyond that, the only suggestion I can make is that you might be better off not thinking about Django as “how do I publish content”, and more as “I want to write a program that generates content to be visible in a browser”.

Hi, I am also a learner and if I want to share my experience until now I will say some resources additional to those ones that @KenWhitesell said I can introduce trydjango tutorial in youtube that Justin Michel is the teacher and the tutorial is fantastic and you can also find lots of useful information about django in this link :
Collected Django information
There is also a good book with the name of django by example 3 by packt publications .
But I also recommend you to download a html css template and make it dynamic with django after gaining a suitable ammount of knowledge about it because this will help you to collect django knowledge by searching on the web and make you a more creative person .

Hi Ken,

Thanks for advice.
That’s what I figured, not a CMS, but I will manage, and learn.
Not sure that I will do great things, but I like to understand, so this is perfect. But sure, you have to get another philosophy!!

I’m not very far in the tutorial, but as it is well written and documented, I’m sure I will find w<hat I’m looking for.
Thanks for the link

Thanks for encouragement and advice Mohammad.