Django configuration error

guys, why when I try to run the local server, the terminal keeps saying

Requested setting DEBUG, but settings are not configured. 
You must either define the environment variable DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE or call settings.configure() before accessing settings.

After setting the “DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE” by using export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=djongo_news.settings
The terminal then says ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘django_news’

I need help!

Side notes - you need to enclose the code between three backtick - ` characters, not apostrophes. Also, it’s not helpful to post a title like “Help needed”. We know you’re looking for assistance, the title should be a brief statement of the issue. (I’ve edited it for you.)

Please provide more details about what you’ve done so far, how you’ve got your project configured, and the commands you’re entering.

Right off-hand, the most likely cause is that you’re not in the right directory when you’re trying to run this.

Also, you’re showing a reference to "djongo_news" in your export statement, but the error message reporting you as looking for "django_news". Which one is correct here?

Got it! Thanks for the clarification. I think its only the issue of mis typing :sweat_smile:
I need to keep practicing