django-crispy-forms 2.0a1

Hi All :wave:

I’ve just published an alpha version of django-crispy-forms 2.0 to PyPI [1]

The main breaking change is that all of the template packs have been removed from the core version allowing template packs and the core library to be developed at their own pace. While I’ve been working on crispy-forms for the past few years I’ve yet to come across an issue that wasn’t one relating to the templates!

The upgrade path is intended to be adding the relevant crispy-form template pack to your project. After that it should “just work” :tm:

Any feedback would be appreciated. Never going to capture everything, but hopefully it’s an opportunity to get a bit of feedback on anything material that I’ve missed while working on this for the last ~year. :pray:

[1] django-crispy-forms · PyPI