Unopinionated form layout library

I’m using crispy forms but running daisy UI (built over tailwind), I find myself using django crispy exclusively for layouting as the daisy handles the UI logic.

However, I find myself practically building a custom crispy-daisy lib. Is there a way I can use crispy without UI libs and apply the CSS classes via the layoutHelper as needed?

I’m not sure I’m understanding exactly what you’re asking for here, so I may not be answering the right question.

Every layout object has a css_class attribute that can be used to assign css classes to those objects. (That’s the method we use. All our forms are organized as Layout objects.)

I am using the css_class for layouting. I’d like to know if there is a library that does something similar but is happy with just django’s default widgets instead of requiring us to use a CSS template pack as a peer dependency

From the django-crispy-forms installation guide,

You will need to install the appropriate template pack for your CSS framework and add it to your list of INSTALLED_APPS.

Note that the template packs primarily contain templates that use the relevant css from the libraries they are associated with. It’s really not all that difficult to create your own template pack for what you need, and customized for the css you want to use. See How to create your own template packs — django-crispy-forms 2.0 documentation