django-dialogform - load and open form views within <dialog> element popups

This app crystallized over time as a side-project through a desire to avoid navigating away from page views in my other apps just for the sake of filling forms representing some model changes, relationship changes or query forms - instead such forms are marked to be dynamically loaded including their media, presented as a popup within a element until successful submission or cancel and destroyed.
They can be used without or within the admin and include admin widgets like AdminSplitDateTime, RelatedObjectsWrapper, and AutocompleteSelects… Most complexity lies in the dynamic nature of loading and destroying the dialog forms and their media, avoiding leaving too many traces in the referring page. There’s a small demo app included for examples and interactive evaluation, as well as automated selenium tests with Chrome and Firefox webdriver tests.
I hope some may find it useful. No warranties though :slight_smile: . Thank you for Django and all the djangopackages…!

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