Django git-server app

Looking for a git-server app for a small group of users, i got Django-git (a git server on http developed using Django); unfortunately it seems too old. Is there something similar worth checking out?
Also not much found as i search for how to develop a small django-git-server. Can you point me to something to start from: docs, tips, repo…?

We use It was easy to install, relatively easy to configure, it is easy to administrate, and a whole more more full-featured than anything we could have developed ourselves. (Nor would we want to, given the number of other tools available.)

There are a list of some of the options available at Best Git Web Interfaces.

Shoot, if your team is small enough and well-constrained, you could probably do quite well just using gitweb. I’ve used it for very small groups (2-4 people).

A Django-git-server is what i am interested in here. It just seems unbelievable that there’s no OSS git-server built with Django, at least a small or even a toy one!

For our use case, we would like to experiment with a few workflows ahead of production…

Thanks @KenWhitesell for looking at this. Indeed, as for complexity, something between Gitweb and Gitlab would be cool; hopefully Django or Python based.

… i meant Gitlab CE, obviously.

So still looking for a Django-git-server with functionality / complexity between Giteweb and Gitlab CE), and/or possible starting resources for building such a cool app!