Django-Html filtering

Hello again, in my project i have a problem. I want to do filtering operation in html page but they dont accept my final if code. I think my problem is little bit complicated so here is my codes:
(My goal is making navbar who can be controlled on admin page(sql) for example i’ve product button on navbar and it will have 4 sub category and 4 sub category will have more than 5 subcartegory)

                    {% if BigProductKinds %}
                      {% for bpk in BigProductKinds %}
                        <div (somecodes)>
                      <div class="mb-5 font-weight-bold">{{bpk.Name}}</div>
                      <ul class="list-styled mb-0 font-size-sm">
                      {% for lpk in littleproductkinds %}
                      **{% if = lpk.Ust_Kategori %}**       ---> problem here
                      <!-- Links -->
                        <li class="list-styled-item">
                          <a class="list-styled-link" href="somepage">{{lpk.Name}}</a>
                      **{% endif %}**
                      {% endfor %}
                      {% endfor %}
                    {% else %}

Take another look at the if template tag and the boolean operators.

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