django-invitations to django core

I was thinking of adding django-invitations to django core for GSOC. I was wondering if this qualifies as a good project.

Hi. Not really no.

Invitations is a great example of nicely integrated set of behaviours that do well in an app by themselves. It’s something that can evolve on it’s on pace separate to Django’s quite slow release cycle. It’s also not something that’s needed by many/most projects.

Beyond that, Django itself needs to be kept reasonably tight, so that we can make sure that it remains well maintained. Adding lots of extra functionality endangers that.


Ok, thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it. After looking at the ideas list, I was wondering if I could find a mentor for bringing static typing to Django. There’s also another idea about bringing django-types into django-stubs. Is there any mentor here that would like to help me on this?

Hi, I am part of the django-stubs “team”, at least occasionally. I added django-stubs to the GSoC list from last year and it was copied over to this year. The two options that you saw are basically out of date - strict mode has been implemented, at least mostly so, and since [Make mypy a soft dependency · Issue #1628 · typeddjango/django-stubs · GitHub Issue #1628], Mypy has become an optional dependency, making the project work like django-types did. (I’m also not sure how feasible it is to try merge over django-types at this point, since so there will be so many divergences including base Django versions).

I just edited the wiki section to cover what I’d really think is possible this year: expanding the coverage as detected by the stubtest tool. I’m going to bring this up with the other django-stubs maintainers on the issue tracker.

I added a requirement “if you can show experience with Python’s type hints and Mypy.” I think it’s very important that you don’t come into this with zero knowledge, since incorrect type hints are worse than none.

Hope that clarifies the situation!


@adamchainz I was running the stubtest tool of mypy after forking the django-stubs package and I was getting some errors for missing stubs. I’m wondering if that is expected. I believe the stubs are auto generated, no?

Hi @adamchainz, I made my first PR to the django-stubs repo to show my experience: Add first stub for get_model_admin by nebiyuelias1 · Pull Request #2029 · typeddjango/django-stubs · GitHub.
I was also wondering if you still believe this is worthy of an idea for GSOC 2024. I saw a lot of discussion about this and I’m wondering if you still think it is a good idea or not. Thanks!