Django library for Facebook graph

I’m trying to install a library to use the Facebook graph API in django.
I tried unsuccessfully django-facebook and django-facebook-api which seems to have bugs. And I tried django-facebook-graph but I could’nt figure out how to install it properly.

What I need is to read the content of a Facebook event in Django.

Do you fknow a working library which can do this ?


I’m not finding any libraries that are current enough to do you a whole lot of good without some amount of work. The newest of the ones you listed is at least 5 years old, making it highly unlikely that it will work with current versions of Django.

However, you don’t really need a “Django-specific” library for this. Facebook exposes a REST-style API, so you can use their API from within your code using, say, requests.

Ok, thanks a lot. I will look at this.