Django Oracle DB ORA-00910: specified length too long for its datatype ERROR

I am keep getting the error of “django.db.utils.DatabaseError: ORA-00910: specified length too long for its datatype”, I have defined some model class in in my app, and defined some attributes as 2 different types(FloatField and TextField).

First the attribute type was CharField with max_length 3000, then I got the error and updated the max length to 2000, then I updated the type to TextField, but still getting the same error

CharField has a max length of 255 characters while TextField can hold more than 255 characters.

after updating the field have you run migrations command?

Yes I did whenever i made a change, but the error is the same

It’s not possible to store more than 2000 characters, Unless you use Oracle 12c.
See this below link for datatypes description

Yes I found that knowledge and first, i tried to make it lesser like(even max_length=100) but still didnt worked, lastly I have changed the type to TextField which can have more characters than the CharField type. Still same error occurs, that’s why I ended up in the forum finally

Then you should share the complete traceback of the error, also if you can share the respective models that might help.