Django ORM vs SQLAlchemy debate

I would like to ask the community about their preference in ORMs.
I think that the most used are Django ORM (active record implementation) and SQLAlchemy (data mapper implementation).

Do you have any preference?


This probably isn’t the best location for asking this question. This is, after all, a Django site.

While I’m aware of a couple projects that allow for using SQLAlchemy in Django, my reaction is “Why bother?”

So I guess my best answer to this is that “No, I don’t have a preference either way.”

I’ve made the decision to do our work in Django based upon the overall framework - not based on any single component within the framework. It’s the “integrated whole” that provides the value to us. The Django ORM has proven to be sufficient for everything we need to do, so there has not been any need to try and examine alternatives.


Actually, if there is something that keeps me running is django’s ORM, its the most mature that you will ever find, the way django handles migrations is magical, so if you tell me to prefer SQLALCHAMY totally, I wouldn’t.

Django’s ORM is the part where it shines most!!
Instead of swtching to Alchamey, we would rather implement what is missing here and stay with what works best.
Django’s ORM is in first place the reason I love Django most

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