Choose Saleor or Oscar for implement an e-commerce?

This is the first time that I will be implementing an e-commerce with Django, so between both principal packages for this, what are pros, cons and what kind of projects are best for?
I heard that it takes several months working with Oscar to get comfortable with it, which would be too much for my deadline and for the complexity of the project if this were true. For the other hand I know that Saleor implements GraphQL what I’m missing at all for the moment but I’m not sure if it’s a “sine qua non” requisite have certain knowlege of this tech or if I can drive through it anyway at certain level without problem?

Am implementing ecommerce site using django oscar, though it does not have a wide support base like django itself

oscar - легко перестраивается и адаптируется под (django3.1); и добавить доп. функционал без проблем