Django Project help

Hello, I have been using django for 3 months, currently attempting to implement this submit interest functionality but as I want to focus on the chat functionality as well, I was wondering if anyone is interested to help in making this first project a success haha…if anyone is interested, feel free to forward me an email at I will add and give you access to my Github repository. Thank you :slight_smile:

This functionality is slightly challenging to build:

it is aimed to Create a submit interest functionality.

Purpose of current project:

You just created a blog post.
I, as a user, looked into the detail_blog.html of the post and I am interested to share my thoughts.
i click on the button ‘submit interest’ found in the detail_blog.html
This directs me to a page with a form for me to submit interest.
I fill up the form and click on the submit interest form.
Once I submit, I will be able to view the form that i have submitted by clicking on the button (view) in the detail_blog.html, but I wont be able to edit/cancel what I have submitted
This form gets sent to you (the blog post creator)which is viewable from your detail_blog.html as ‘Interest_request(1)’
When you click on ‘interest request (1)’, you will get a list of all the interest that are sent to you, and when you click on the individual interest, you can see the form that was submitted.
After you see the form, you can choose to accept the interest or decline the interest. The accept and decline button can be found on both the ‘interest list’ and also on the detailed form that you are looking at. This interest list is only viewable to the blog post author himself
If you choose to accept, I will be added into a members list. This list consist of all those who’s interest has been accepted. Only you (the blog post creator) can subsequently choose to remove the member(me) from the list if you want. This member list is only viewable to everyone in the member list.

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