Django/PyCharm fundraiser?

Hello all! New here :wave:, so sorry if I’ve posted this in the wrong place.

Last year (and in years past, as I understand it), JetBrains did a fundraising campaign with the DSF offering a 30% discount on PyCharm Pro, with all the proceeds going to the DSF. I’ve been thinking about jumping on PyCharm, but I thought I’d wait until the DSF fundraiser so I could give back to Django when I do so.

However, I haven’t seen anything on it so far this year. Does anyone have any idea when this might be happening again? :thinking:

I don’t believe it will be happening this year, from a DSF-internal message that @wsvincent sent.

It is happening now! They just reached out. Promotion should start beginning of June…


Aha! That’s delightful to hear. I’ll keep my eyes out for this then. Thanks @wsvincent and @adamchainz !