django shiping and tracking system

hi, everyone i am building a shipping website, i want to incorporate a courier tracking system. can anybody pls suggest how i can do that in django.

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What do you mean? Are you saying you want to access the tracking information from other couriers such as FedEx or UPS? If so, you’d need to look at each courier’s web site to see if / how they expose their tracking information as an API. You can then supply a form (or use tracking numbers that you have stored) to retrieve data from their API and display it on your own page.
If they don’t have an available API, you could still programmatically access their tracking page and extract the returned results. (However, this is a very fragile mechanism and can break at any time.)

thanks ken, and happy new year. so if it was you. what would you have done? thank you in anticipation

I’d hope seriously that the couriers provide an API. If they didn’t, I’d redirect the user to the courier’s site - I wouldn’t even try to parse the tracking data from someone else’s site.

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