Django support for firestore and other nosql databases

Django currently does not support nosql databases …
Is there a possibility that nosql cloud databases can be integrated with django project particularly firestore and Aws’s DynamoDB …?
If there is I would like to work in that direction , I am just a beginner and will appreciate your guidance.

This question has come up quite a bit over the years, starting roughly with the rise of MongoDB.

My question to you is - what do you mean by “support”? There’s two ways of approaching this:

  • Making the Django ORM/Admin talk to “NoSQL” databases - this is unlikely, as it is a relational mapper, and heavily relies on the semantics of relational databases.
  • Adding a generic abstraction layer for document databases - this is more possible, but Firestore and DynamoDB are both quite different already in their document model, and both have pretty reasonable Python APIs already.

Basically, what is the advantage you’re looking for of integrating support, somehow, into Django?

@andrewgodwin What if we create a new Object Non-Relational Mapper?

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There are Google App Engine and Mongo DB (and others?) backends for the ORM that show what’s possible here. (A bit of searching will find those.)

I’d look at those to begin.

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@carltongibson @andrewgodwin
I want to build a new mapper for using NoSQL databases with Django. Kindly help me out in where to get started.

Hi @Udit107710. Please see my last post. :slight_smile:

I’d look at the existing GAE and MongoDB backends for inspiration. Then you can begin to put together some ideas.

This is a super ambitious project. It’s not likely there’s anyone who can do more than provide the odd pointer so you’ll need to show yourself to be very self-directed.

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Should I get started with understanding the internals of NoSQL databases or should I start exploring Django’s existing ORM and take inspiration from it?

Okay, thanks! I will look into these projects.